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It might not seem like it from the outside, but a modern minimalist look goes hand in hand with the celebrity home design of today. The best part? You don’t need to live in the Hollywood Hills to create an outdoor that exudes exceptional design and will stand the test of time. Go beyond the interior and explore the wonderful world of modern design for your home’s outdoor area – and take on some helpful tips from expert Joe Snell.

Hitting the key features

Form and function can be found anywhere in the home – so long as you understand where you want your design focus to lie. Rather than just concentrating on the interior, looking outside and integrating modern design around your entertainment areas can bring the outdoors to life. For example:

Pool area: James Hardie™ cladding like Linea Weatherboard™ or Stria Cladding™ on the home’s exterior, especially when painted white, can add softness to other materials like concrete and steel. Furthermore, it’s the perfect way to highlight the pool area, with the durable material able to withstand the harsh Australian sun as well as repeated drenching from pool use.

Outdoor courtyard: For the ultimate celebrity design, a U-shaped home can be built around a central courtyard – a perfect haven for year-round entertainment. A durable, customisable decking solution like HardieDeck™ is the ideal choice for an outdoor courtyard that can weather the elements. To add the finishing touch on a modern look, consider planting a lush garden bed rich with local natives and succulents in the courtyard’s centre.

Fire pit: Nothing scream’s ‘celebrity party’ more than an outdoor fire pit. It can act as a central hub during nights entertaining, allowing parents to enjoy each other’s company while the kids play nearby. You can elevate the design with a sunken seated area surrounding the fire pit. Ensure you choose durable, fire-resistant materials for this area that meet compliance standards.

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Tips from the expert

No one knows how to achieve a modern, minimalist look that matches chic celebrity stylings more than architect and expert designer Joe Snell. Here, he shares his top tips (and what not to do) for designing the home that keeps on giving.

What to do:

Make your design choices cohesive: “The modern look relies on simple, strong elements that are brought together thoughtfully.”

Don’t complicate things unnecessarily: “Clean lines and confident styling that lacks clutter is important.”

Exercise restraint: “A restrained palette with careful use of colour is important. This does not mean no colour – just a strong understanding of why you are using colour and where to use it.”

What NOT to do:

Forgetting about the ‘soul’ of your home: “A home has to be warm, and that is often lost in modern styling. Design the house to respond to the environment, and use warm finishes particularly where you spend a lot of time. It could be as simple as a sheep-skin rug or a timber benchtop.”

Doing too much: “Beware too many clashing elements – boxes running into boxes, and elements breaking other elements. A modern design is still harmonious; it shouldn’t be clunky. If it looks uncomfortable, it will make you feel uncomfortable.  Simple is difficult – the only way to achieve it is many hours of careful design.”

Modern doesn’t always equal minimalist: “A modern home doesn’t have to be minimalist, so decide early what you mean by modern. Do your research on homes and interiors you really like, and then make sure your real lifestyle has a chance of fitting that. Your home has to be you.”

For durable outdoor decking that complements a modern design – and the ultimate celebrity look for your home – James Hardie HardieDeck has the variety and versatility to meet your needs. Contact us or head to your nearest stockist to create the celebrity look yourself.

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