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Whether it’s entertaining guests on a mild spring evening or spending time with the family during the long Australian summer, you can truly elevate an outdoor space with the right deck. But what’s the best solution? You’ll want a winning combination of durability and enduring style, which is why a low-to-the-ground deck is ideal. 

Your first extension project

There are countless reasons why a homeowner might choose an outdoor deck as their first extension project. Whether they are a renovation novice or expert builder, there’s just something about outdoor entertaining that brings out the best in the great Australian home.

The good news is that if you’re keen to extend your living and entertainment area into the outdoors, there are plenty of decking solutions to meet your needs. For homeowners on small blocks of land or single-storey homes, a low-to-the-ground decking solution is highly recommended.

HardieDeck™ by James Hardie™ is a premium fibre cement decking solution with a new concealed fixing system. This is designed to increase the performance of low-set decks while still retaining a high-quality, contemporary look with materials that are designed to be durable against even the harshest Australian weather.

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Why low-to-the-ground?

Aside from low-to-the-ground decking being ideal for homes on small blocks or single-storey properties, there are a number of other benefits to consider. They allow for a seamless transition between inside and outside, creating a sense of wide-open space where before there was none.

The right decking can also marry well with specific outdoor entertainment decisions. For example, in addition to being safe for bushfire zones, HardieDeck is deemed non-combustible which means it’s ideal for decks with barbecues and fire pits – unlike traditional composite decks that can’t stand up to the risk of fire.

When used with adequate cross-flow ventilation and installed as low as 150mm from the ground, a low-to-the-ground decking solution like HardieDeck can mean better drainage during the wet season, and increased ventilation as opposed to more traditional decking options. Always refer to the installation and sealing guides for the best results.

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What to remember

If you’re thinking about installing low-to-the-ground decking in your home, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider getting the most out of your new entertainment area – and to ensure it retains its integrity for years to come.

Safe for repeated use: Ensure the decking feels both smooth and solid underfoot, with any screws concealed. Boards with the potential to splinter should not be considered. You want a deck that can withstand constant walking, running and playing without any squeaking, sponginess or signs of bouncing.

Long-lasting against the elements: Pools and spas are a welcome retreat in Australian homes year-round, but your decking needs to stand up to repeated cycles of soaking from pool water and the baking hot sun. The right decking solution will be resistant against rotting, fading and damage.

Hidden gaps: Low-to-the-ground decking with visible gaps can ruin an otherwise stunning outdoor entertainment look. The HardieDeck system overcomes this with 3000mm-long base jointers designed to hide all gaps from view for a sleek, clean finish. 

Room for ventilation: HardieDeck’s concealed fixing system is designed to increase the performance of low-set decks, including better drainage and improved ventilation, from as low as 150mm from the ground. However, it must be installed in strict compliance with James Hardie’s installation and sealing guides.

For modern, durable outdoor decking that perfectly complements your home,  HardieDeck has the variety and versatility to meet your unique lifestyle needs. Contact us to find out more about this premium fibre cement product and start designing the outdoor entertainment space of your dreams.

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