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Australia is susceptible to some of the worst – and most frequent – bushfires on the planet, and you might be surprised by how at risk your home is. Research from the CSIRO found that 85% of deaths and damage due to bushfire happen within 100 metres of a forest, so you don’t need to live next to bushland to be in danger.

How safe is your home as we head into the summer season? Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can help protect your home and your family by doing some work around your property.

Tip #1: Do your due diligence

Bushfires approach quickly and rarely give you enough warning to get away – let alone save your property. Prevention is always better than cure, so do a sweep of your house and see if there are any issues that could heighten your risk of bushfire damage.

Check for gaps in your roof, windows and door frames – hot embers can slip into these gaps and quickly catch alight no matter what materials you used to build your home. Repair any open areas that have appeared over time, and invest in things like door and window seals that are resistant to heat.

If you’re unsure what to look for around your home, it’s recommended that you organise a roof inspection so a professional can take care of any issues that could leave your home susceptible to bushfire damage.

Tip #2: Replace old timber decks

Wood in and around your home is extremely dangerous during bushfire season. Timber decks, in particular, are common installations that can put your home at real risk, especially as the wood will crack and warp over time, creating spaces for embers to lodge.

Alternative decking solutions like HardieDeck™ can seriously reduce your risk of damage. The fibre-cement material builds up heat slower than typical decking (dependent on the paint colour selected) and won’t warp or splinter under the intense Australian summer heat.

HardieDeck also has an FZ jointer that makes it a great option for even the most extreme bushfire zones. No more gaps, no more chance of hot embers from a raging bushfire lodging in your deck.

Visit our price calculator to kickstart your HardieDeck transformation.

Tip #3: Create a non-flammable area around your home

You can protect your home by building a ‘barrier’ of heat and fire-resistant materials, such as a fibre-cement deck. This non-flammable option not only reduce the risk of bushfire reaching your property, but it also looks great and feels smooth underfoot.

Aussies love a good outdoor entertaining area, especially during the warmer months, and HardieDeck is the ideal decking option as it’s bushfire-resistant – meaning you can install it around fire pits and barbecues easily.

Similarly, it’s a great surface around spas and pools because even when it’s beaten down with water and then forced to endure the searing summer sun, it won’t warp or splinter under your feet. It’s built to last come rain or shine, which can provide you with peace of mind when bushfire season starts up again.

Bushfires shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it’s your home and your family at risk if there are dangers around your property. Prepare yourself and your home with the right decking solution that can stand up to Australia’s toughest elements.

If you’d like more information about what HardieDeck can do for your home, contact our team of experts via the enquiry form or call us on 1300 101 536.

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