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Building a summer deck that boasts the appearance of timber minus the maintenance has never been easier. Take a look at these three reasons why people are moving away from timber decking for a safe, stylish and long-lasting outdoor entertainment space.

The Australian climate calls for materials made to last

While we love a summer shower at the end of a long, balmy day, we’re not so keen on our home exteriors being forever at the mercy of the elements – sweltering sun and heavy rain can cause permanent damage if homeowners are unprepared. To minimise wear and avoid costly repairs, choosing the right material for your deck is vital.

It is worth researching timber alternatives to find the most suitable and resilient option for your home. While timber decking looks great, it can be prone to splintering and shrinking in the sun as well as rotting and warping from moisture. If your deck will be exposed to heat and water, consider materials such as wood plastic composite or fibre cement boards, which are resistant to weather-related damage. Fibre cement decking is also non-combustible – ideal for homes located in bushfire prone areas.

Fibre cement decking is perfect for areas prone to direct sunlight as it won't warp or splinter like timber can.

A busy lifestyle means low-maintenance is best

Weekends are best spent catching up with loved ones, brushing up on your table tennis or simply unwinding and taking time for yourself. The last thing you’ll want to be doing on a sunny Sunday afternoon is cleaning and repairing your deck.

If you find that your time and budget are being eaten up by decking maintenance, it might be time to consider rethinking timber, which can be costly and time-consuming in terms of upkeep and loses its lustre quickly without regular oiling or staining. An alternative is fibre cement decking, which is quick to install and requires minimal maintenance. In addition to its weatherproof benefits it is also termite resistant, saving you money and headaches down the track. Once you’ve covered all the bases for your decking needs, the only thing that’s left to do is fire up the barbeque, relax and make the most of your new alfresco area.

Bringing the indoors outside- HardieDeck can be sealed with a durable, tinted sealer to match the exterior of your home.

Homeowners want decking that is stylish and versatile 

When it comes to building a long-lasting deck you can be proud of for years to come, there’s no need to compromise on style. An outdoor area that reflects a similar look and feel to your interior is a great way to inject personality and makes for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

For a modern yet timeless look, consider alternative materials such as fibre cement decking, which can be installed using a joining system that conceals the screws. With the appearance of timber, its advantage is an ability to be painted in almost any colour using durable paving paints. It also requires less re-painting and re-staining than timber – the hardest thing you’ll have to do is choose between cool grey or warm terracotta!  

Contact HardieDeck™ for further advice, tips and inspiration on timber alternatives for a stylish and long-lasting deck. 

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