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When retired property owners Warwick and Jean looked recently to update their outdoor living space and replace their tired, old timber deck, they went in search of alternatives.

"The old deck was completely rotted and really dragging the look and feel of the place down", said Warwick. "We wanted (and needed) to get away from timber and effort needed to keep it looking good. We're also in a high Bushfire area, so we wanted a deck that would be a suitable for this environment."

The charred tree trunks surrounding the home are a constant reminder of the need for resilient materials 

Warwick organised a consultation with Neville, owner and director of Hi-craft Home Improvements to determine their best options.

"Hi-Craft built our pergola a little while back and we knew they were very professional. So the decision to choose them to come back and do the deck was an easy one".

 Due in part, to requiring a BAL-40 approved product, the decision ultimately came down to either an aluminium decking product or a new HardieDeck™ system.

"In 2013, we had the fires come right up through here, almost to the back door, so we knew we needed a material that would stand up to the task", Warwick said. There were 198 homes destroyed in the area during the blaze that year.

Winter back-burning. With their new HardieDeck, Warwick and Jean are confident their home will be around for a long time to come.

After little deliberation, they decided on HardieDeck™.

"One of the biggest benefits of this decking option over the aluminium ones was the noise". Both Warwick and Jean found the aluminium options to be both noisy and 'tinny' under foot. They felt the HardieDeck™ system by comparison, was both solid and silent, "as if walking on a concrete floor".

Glorious bush land views from the mountains all the way to the Sydney CBD

Using a lightweight steel frame was another requirement for this project so selecting a product where performance was both compatible and reliable with this was an added advantage. The fibre cement boards have far less movement due to expansion and contraction, which can cause joints to loosen over time. 

Some additional reasons Warwick and Jean went on to state why they went with HardieDeck™ were:

  • No rotting from moisture damage;
  • Visually beautiful, with personalised colour choice;
  • No gaps (Cannot lose anything);
  • No dangerous nails or screws popping up due to the concealed fixing system; 
  • Easy to keep clean with minimal maintenance; and
  • A long, 10 year system warranty

Warwick took the time to install the beautiful glass balustrade's himself

They selected a Glass balustrade to complete the look. "Elegance meeting elegance", Warwick stated, looking pleased.

The picturesque background and the colour selection of the deck ticked every box for aesthetic appeal.

Jean stated that "We chose this particular colour because it complimented both the colour of the bricks to the home and also the 'peachy' tones that the surrounding gum trunks take on in the warmer months of Spring and Summer. We were delighted we had the option to select a unique colour that matched our home to a tee".

Living where they do, Warwick and Jean spend a great deal of time outside enjoying the countryside and the spectacular views. They want to be comfortable and proud of their outdoor living areas and both now agree this has been achieved in spades. 

Outdoor living has never been more care-free and inviting

The deck was installed with a 30-40mm fall over the 7m span. As the deck is fully covered by the pergola, Warwick felt that a greater fall was not required under these circumstances and the chances of any water pooling was unlikely.

This Alfresco deck is perfect for a cup of tea or a quiet read of a favourite book or good magazine 

As one of the first HardieDeck™ systems to be installed, we'll check back on this one down the track to show how it's performing. In the meantime though, let's let Warwick and Jean enjoy it all to themselves.

Warwick - A good ol' NSW country boy! Thanks for allowing us out to shoot your new HardieDeck™ mate.

Colour: Berger Jet Dry Aquatread Undercoat + Berger Jet Dry Aquatread Satin, Bedrock

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