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If the deck of your dreams not only looks great but is also durable, long-lasting and doesn’t drain your time and budget, think beyond timber boards.

Perfect for the Australian outdoors, here are five reasons this innovative alternative has all the qualities you need for a safe and relaxing summer of entertaining, this year and every year after.

It is cost-saving

While timber decking is expensive to install, it is important to remember that regular maintenance also adds up over time. A timber deck can be a costly investment that requires frequent upkeep, so it is worth planning ahead to see if your budget allows for this option.

If you’re thinking about using a material that isn’t as costly to maintain, fibre cement decking is a great alternative. As well as being hardwearing, it is also termite resistant which can save you a lot of money down the track.

Moisture resistant and perfect for areas in direct sunlight, HardieDeck™ was the ultimate choice for the owners of this Curl Curl home who wanted to replace their splintered poolside decking.

It is time-saving

A new deck means relaxation, right? Not necessarily. If your decking material of choice requires a large amount of upkeep, you might find yourself spending your weekends with ‘all hands on deck’ rather than kicking back enjoying the sunshine with loved ones.

If you’re concerned that your time will be eaten up by outdoor maintenance, fibre-cement decking could be a good fuss-free option that better suits your lifestyle. It requires less re-sealing than timber, as well as being quick and easy to install.

Enjoy weekends entertaining rather than maintaining your outdoor area with a durable decking system.

It can be colour-matched to your home  

When it comes to building a new deck, there’s no reason homeowners should compromise on style. A deck should be a natural extension of your home, with a similar look and feel essential to creating a seamless indoor/outdoor transition.

Fibre cement decking allows you to create a range of different looks/finishes.  Neutral colours like grey, as well as a clear seal are perfect for modern homes and can help create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Neutral colours and strong horizontal lines allowed Three Birds Renovations to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

It is long-wearing

No matter the size or design, a new deck is an investment that you’ll want to enjoy for a lifetime. You certainly won’t want to be concerned with replacing it due to weather damage, termites or weakening and unsafe boards. 

If your priority is to have a safe and long-lasting deck that you’ll be happy with year-round, fibre cement decking might be the best option for your home – durability and longevity are key, as well as being resistant to termites.

The ultimate 'party deck-' HardieDeck is durable and moisture resistant, making it a great choice for areas that receive high foot traffic.

It is suited to the Australian summer

Extreme heat, heavy rain… it takes a certain amount of toughness and resistance to survive our sometimes unforgiving Australian climate. And that’s before the endless foot traffic and pool parties!

A deck needs to be uniquely suited to the Australian summer, and while a shade cloth or awning can help prolong a timber deck that’s prone to splintering and rot, it can only do so much – especially if your deck surrounds a pool area. Fibre cement boards are resistant to moisture damage and can withstand weather extremes without weakening. Their smooth and splinter proof surface make them the perfect choice for families.

HardieDeck is resistant to damage from the sun so is a great choice for uncovered outdoor areas.

Considering fibre cement decking? Contact HardieDeck™ for further advice, tips and inspiration.

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