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When it came to replacing their home’s deteriorating wooden front steps and paved pool deck, Tim and Julie, knew they wanted a low maintenance, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution. After consulting with their builder, they decided on HardieDeck™. Here, they share why not using timber was the best decision they made for themselves and their home.

A timber look (without all the hard work).

“After seeing the HardieDeck stained in a timber finish, I knew instantly this was the deck I wanted,” Julie says on how they came to choose a timber finish for their amazing new HardieDeck after shopping around for different options.

HardieDeck easily be painted to match or complement a home’s external colour scheme, or stained in timber finish for a more traditional look. It's an ideal, no fuss alternative option for homeowners wanting the look of a traditional timber deck but without the ongoing maintenance and financial outlay it requires.

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Tim and Julie wanted a durable replacement for the paved area around their pool and the timber steps at the front of their house. HardieDeck provided the look they wanted, minus the maintenance of timber.

Easy to maintain.

“We had been aware that we would need to replace the paved deck around the pool for some time,” Tim says of their home’s previous deck and stairs. “The surface was becoming very uneven underfoot.”

“We also recognised it was time to replace the timber steps at the front of the house – the wood was rotting and re-staining them had become a constant chore. Temperatures in our area regularly exceed 30 degrees through the summer and this was something we were having to do at least twice a year, to keep on top of sun and moisture damage.”

Resistant to moisture damage and splintering from the sun, HardieDeck was the durable outdoor solution that Tim and Julie needed.

This led the couple to choose HardieDeck. Termite and moisture-resistant, splinter-free and permissible in high bushfire zones, HardieDeck is a fibre cement-based, durable timber alternative solution, which doesn’t rot or require regular maintenance. The perfect solution for the couple who loved the timber look but also wanted an outdoor space they could enjoy with family and friends. 

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Quick and easy to install.

HardieDeck is an ideal option for pool decks – all that’s required to adapt HardieDeck for pools and coastal areas is to upgrade the fixing screws to stainless steel ones.

“We wanted to stick with the existing size and design of the deck and steps,” Tim says. “It was all about creating a timber look. There’s a curved section in the deck overlooking the pool, and we needed to find a material could accommodate this feature. This was one the reasons we chose HardieDeck, as it is perfectly suited for pool areas.”

HardieDeck is resistant to moisture damage and can be cut to suit the curved shape of most backyard pools.

Great value for money.

“We knew HardieDeck would give us the appearance of a timber deck and steps, without the constant need to stain them to keep them looking good,” Tim says happily, noting all the time and effort they’ll save in future.

Tim and Julie are "rapt" with their new HardieDeck. Without having to constantly maintain their old decking, they have more time to spend outdoors relaxing by the pool.

In his experience as a builder, Wayne Critchely has found that timber decking can be an expensive choice in the long-term. “Timber decking is really expensive to install, so if you are going to do it, you really must ensure that you look after it.”

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Wayne adds: “It costs a lot of money to maintain a timber deck. If it’s not looked after it can cost up to $6000 to replace depending on the size and of course you need to find a way to dispose of the old deck.”

“We’re rapt with how our choice of HardieDeck and building services have come together to re-do our outdoor are,” Tim says, “we have a deck which looks like timber, without the ongoing, frequent maintenance that it requires, particularly in our sunny climate.”

Durable for the long-term.

With HardieDeck requiring very little care along with the added benefits of being highly durable, termite-resistant and able to withstand the elements, Tim and Julie couldn’t be happier with their attractive new deck: "I’d thoroughly recommend HardieDeck to anyone who’s after that traditional look without all the upkeep it entails—more time to relax and enjoy for us!”

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