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The weather is warming up, the days are longer, and all around Australia barbeques are being fired up for weekend pool parties. If your garden is just emerging from a winter hibernation, here are a few quick tips for getting your outdoor area summer-ready in 24-hours.

Entertaining 101

The beginning of the warmer weather signals the start of the entertaining season. For those who love nothing more than being the ultimate host, you’ll want your outdoor area looking it’s best.

Consider the following: do your guests have plenty of places to sit and relax? Does your entertaining area get enough shade and sunlight to keep guests comfortable? Is your barbeque clean and readied with a fresh gas tank?

If the space is a looking a little lacklustre, freshen it up by rearranging your outdoor furniture, upgrading your barbeque, reviving your deck and adding a freshly potted succulent or a new outdoor umbrella.

How’s your decking?

If last summer’s parties left your deck looking a little worse for wear, now is the time to get it back up to scratch.

First, check for any rotting and splintering to your timber deck. Minor damage can generally be fixed on the spot, however major rotting will require professional services.

The ongoing maintenance of your wood deck can take up a lot of time and chew through your budget. If your weekends are being taken up by deck-duties it might be time to consider alternative decking materials like fibre cement. Unlike wood, fibre cement decking is easy to preserve and can be installed both quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your deck rather than having to keep up with maintenance.

Who says you can't have it all? This outdoor pool area features a moisture resistant HardieDeck.

A spring-clean

Has your lawn been overrun by weeds? Is your water feature running dry? Or has your once pristine hedge been reduced to branches and thistles? Spring is the perfect time to don your gardening gloves and deep-dive into garden maintenance.

Start by clearing your garden bed of leaves and debris, giving your spring plants a better chance of popping through the soil. Give your soil some TLC by adding compost and aerating it with a pitchfork—this will ensure your soil is optimal for spring blooms like daisies, gerberas and dahlias. Finally, scrub down any mouldy water features and ensure your lawn is freshly mown and fed with a fertiliser / weed killer combination.

The finishing touch

Just like your deck, your outdoor furniture has most likely seen better days.  

Begin with the basics; give your outdoor furniture a once-over to ensure its structurally sound—tighten any loose screws and replace any chipped or dented table legs.

Clean all your furniture as recommended by the manufacturer. For a metal outdoor setting, you can use a metal brush or hydrochloric acid depending on the level of damage. Finish with a waterproof sealer to prevent future rusting.

Give everything a good wipe down and wash any cushion covers that look stained or soiled. Finally, brighten up your outdoor living area with a pop of colour—a potted citrus plant or coloured lanterns are small and simple ways to bring your outdoor area to life.

The outdoor setting brings completes this entertaining area in Palm Beach.

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