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When your teenage daughter’s group of friends can’t stay away from your new pool, you know you’ve done something right. Jaws drop when visitors first spy the deck area at Denise and Adam’s home in rural Sunshine Coast. “Every visitor to our home just says ‘Wow!’” explains Adam. “And then they want to know more about the material as they love the look.” Here we chat with Adam and Denise about why they chose HardieDeck™ for his pool area.

Finding the right materials

Rewind to the start of the process, when Adam knew he couldn’t afford to get it wrong. The couple had the challenging prospect of a deck and pool install prior to the full renovation. “This meant that the set-out for the deck had to be precise as it would impact on the extension,” he says. The lowest point of clearance between ground level and the bottom of the bearers was 150mm, so all materials needed a high level of moisture resistance and durability.

With that in mind, Adam diligently researched all the options, also taking into account their rural location and sub-tropical climate.

“We needed a rot and decay resistant product for use close to the ground that could tolerate pool-side conditions,” says Adam. “I have seen timber decks fail beside pools in under five years and we didn’t want to risk that.”

HardieDeck by James Hardie is made of premium fibre cement so it won’t rot due to moisture, it won’t splinter or warp in the sun, and is suitable for BAL (Bush Attack Level) FZ, the most extreme bushfire level. And if you’ve ever experienced ‘spongy deck syndrome’, you needn’t fear - its cement composition ensures you won’t feel that on a HardieDeck.

Modern deck
"We needed a rot and decay resistant product for use close to the ground that could tolerate pool-side conditions,” says Adam.

Getting the modern look

Aesthetics were high on the agenda too, and while timber boards have the look they were after, their appeal is short-lived and maintenance tedious. Once Denise had seen enough inspirational imagery on the HardieDeck brochures, they were both hooked on the contemporary lift such a decking would provide for their renovation.

“We liked the wide-boards of the HardieDeck. We felt it added a more contemporary feel to our overall design. The concealed fixtures and capping also added to the appeal,” Adam explains. “We wanted to be able to smoothly transition between living spaces with continuity of colour themes and textures used. That just isn’t doable with timber - at least not without extensive and expensive paint treatments.”

Solid colours provide a clean, modern look and durable sealers can be tinted in a range of hues, with greys being the most on-trend at the moment. When choosing HardieDeck floors, the sealer and finish are as integral as the colour itself.

Modern HardieDeck Look
Adam and Denise were 'hooked' on the modern look of HardieDeck.

Easy installation

As well as being adaptable to any style of home, HardieDeck provides a seamless overall look and you can easily integrate face-boards for edging so as to conceal bearers and so on.

The final look of the deck reflects its relative ease of installation, another factor that appealed to Adam. “I researched the install process extensively and it seemed faster and more efficient than conventional decking systems and techniques. This turned out to be very true.” This even when fixing down to a pre-fab floor frame of steel, which is typically a slower process. The wide slat design, he says, also helped to reduce installation hours, labour costs - and even the number of screws needed!

Decking area around pool
HardieDeck is resistant to moisture damage, making it perfect for pool areas.

A garden design expert and environmentalist himself, Adam’s other top priority was to keep his carbon footprint in check. “Replacing a deck in under five years is an enormous waste of resources,” he explains. “I look for products with longer lifespans as this generally embeds a degree of sustainability. This can outweigh negatives that may exist in the manufacturing or transport process so when looked at holistically the product can be more sustainable than the option of regularly replacing harvested and chemically treated timber.”

The ideal floor for around pools and spas, hardy for uncovered areas in tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean climates - and stylish to boot - HardieDeck is the ultimate decking option for the Australian family lifestyle.