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When Samford Homes Pty Ltd was called on to create a liveable and long-lasting outdoor area, they knew that HardieDeck™ was ideally suited to the project.

Bringing an outdoor area to life

“Our clients had been looking for a way to improve the livability of their existing home,” says builder John McGown from Samford Homes Pty Ltd. As the first building company in Townsville to use the HardieDeck product, the team had previously been impressed with the results and informed their client of its benefits. After discussing timelines, budget, design and maintenance, together they agreed it was the right option for the renovation.

Being situated in north-eastern Queensland, the owners of the property wanted to create a welcoming outdoor area that made the most of the region’s sunny climate while expanding their home’s indoor living and entertaining space.

Staying cool was also a priority given the region’s often high temperatures. “The addition of a pool with surrounding deck proved to be the best choice to suit the client’s needs,” says John.

The complete outdoor area: HardiDeck was the perfect choice for the owners of this home who wanted a durable deck to suit their outdoor living space.

Built to last

While it was important to provide shade for the owners and their guests – made possible with a large cantilever umbrella and an undercover daybed – the majority of the deck would not be afforded the same relief, with continuous exposure to hot sun and heavy rain. In addition to this, the deck was to be built up to and around a swimming pool, therefore making it susceptible to frequent moisture.

While timber has been a traditional choice for pool decking, John explains that HardieDeck is not only longer lasting but also a safer option – being resistant to splintering from heat as well as rotting from moisture eliminates the worry of injury caused by weakened boards. This is particularly important for families with young children, who consider a smooth and non-slip surface a priority when building a new deck.

As well as its ability to withstand the elements, Samford Homes Pty Ltd also discussed with its client the ongoing time and money required to maintain both a timber and a HardieDeck fibre cement deck, says John.

While timber boards are prone to heat and moisture damage – calling for frequent upkeep and sometimes requiring boards to be replaced – HardieDeck requires very little care and has the added benefit of being termite-resistant, making it stand out as a sturdy, weatherproof alternative for this project.

Moisture-resistant, HardieDeck was the obvious choice for completing the outdoor pool area.

No compromise on style

“We wanted to use clean lines and wide boards and give the area a great, classy look,” says John, the result appearing modern yet timeless. The ability to contain the track fixing system allowed John and his team to overhang the boards just the right amount onto the pool edge, so that it appears to be appear floating. “This was a great look for the finished project,“ says John.

The finished deck boasts a modern look. While coloured decking can be problematic with timber boards, HardieDeck can be sealed in almost any colour using durable paving paints. The owners went with mid-grey Colorbond Basalt to match the home’s neutral palette, expanding their living and dining area seamlessly.

The modern grey finish of the HardieDeck allowed the owners to create a seamless transition between the home and the outdoor space.

Results that make a splash

John believes using HardieDeck in this location was a fantastic move, with the project being completed on time and within budget. “Our clients were more than thrilled with the results for their new pool and relaxation area,” he says, noting that the deck is doing a fantastic job of enduring the harsh North Queensland climate. “The sun and rain here can be tough to contend with, and HardieDeck is standing up to these with ease.”

The quick and simple installation of HardieDeck boards enabled John and his team to work much faster than if they were using timber decking. “We were even able to pre-paint and finish the boards before they were installed,” says John. “This saved us a great amount of time on the site.”

John suggests that homeowners considering using HardieDeck give the product a chance to prove its worthiness – particularly if they’re concerned about the ongoing costs and maintenance of timber. “You will be pleasantly surprised,” he says.

Considering fibre cement decking? Contact HardieDeck™ for further advice, tips and inspiration.