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Whether it’s your own home or an investment property, making the most of an outdoor space can add value and create an appealing area for people to come together to relax and entertain. Here are five ways you can recreate your home’s outdoor space.

1. Create an alfresco dining area.

There’s great appeal in creating a functional outdoor area that allows you to congregate, dine and entertain family and friends outside in the warmer months. And it’s something that Three Birds Renovations understand and practice firsthand in the astonishing home transformations they undertake.

Case in point, a home they renovated in the Sydney suburb of Northmead, which saw the backyard entirely transformed with the construction of an expansive HardieDeck™ fibre cement deck.

Lana explains: “In traditional homes like this you invariably find big backyards, with way more grass than you need and nowhere to sit. Nowadays, people see the yard as an alfresco entertaining area that’s just as important a part of the home as the inside. An amazing deck is the bridge between the two.”

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Lana from Three Birds Renovations says the backyard should be considered as an alfresco entertaining area that is just as an important a part of the home as the inside.

2. Bring the outdoors in.

Developing a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of a home is another key way to open up and expand a home’s living space. Bringing the outdoors in is a common focal point of the houses the Three Birds renovate, including their fifth renovation, a sweet fibro cottage, located in Baulkham Hills.

“The house just sort of ended and then there was a huge stretch of lawn, so we used some of that space to build a two-tiered HardieDeck,” Lana says.

“This HardieDeck is particularly special because you can come out onto it from the house at any level – it was important to us that it be as accessible as possible.”

Blurring the indoor/outdoor transition, Three Birds Renovations built a two-tiered HardieDeck that colour matches the existing home and extends into the backyard, creating more space for entertaining and alfresco dining.

3. Invest in high-quality durable materials that look good for longer.

When it comes to choosing materials for your outdoor area, it pays to choose high-quality, durable ones, which will last a long time and continue to look their best years later.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, solutions such as HardieDeck have multiple long-term benefits, including being termite and moisture resistant, splinter-free, won’t rot and are CSIRO certified for bushfire prone areas and flame zones. They look amazing and make for a hardwearing and low-maintenance investment designed for the long-term.

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Three Birds Renovations chose a grey finish for their HardieDeck to create a modern look that tied in with the exterior of the home.

4. Change the way you and your family spend your time outside.

The addition of a deck to a home’s outdoor space can create an attractive central hub for the family in summer; a place to read, relax, dine, play, snooze, entertain, or swim, if you have a pool.

Timber decks require regular maintenance – a task that can be hard to fit into a homeowner's busy family life. HardieDeck, on the other hand, is extremely durable, won't splinter or warp as it's resistant to damage from moisture, rot and termites, meaning you spend less time maintaining your deck and more time outside enjoying yourself!

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Would you rather be relaxing on your deck or maintaining it? Unlike timber decking, HardieDeck requires minimal upkeep, which means you have more time to spend enjoying your outdoor area.

5. Choose materials that complement your outdoor space.

Outdoor spaces with pools make for a fun place to cool off in summer. However constant exposure to water – whether from the regular saturation from around the pool or the moisture rising out of the earth underneath the deck – means timber decks, which are prone to damage from moisture, can end up quickly rotting and warping.

Safe and durable, HardieDeck fibre cement decking is a resilient alternative decking option for your pool. Resistant to moisture, swelling, and rot, and designed to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, you’ll love hanging poolside on a deck that looks good and ages well.

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