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How To Paint HardieDeck

HardieDeck™ can be designed with interesting layouts and amazing colours. It can be coated in almost any colour using durable paving paints.

A range of paint manufacturers have provided recommendations and specifications for HardieDeck. These can be downloaded from links at the bottom of the page.

Grey paints are popular in modern architecture. Not surprisingly cool greys and warm greys have proven popular on HardieDeck installations. On the other hand, brown, beige, green and terracotta colours have been used to match older home styles.HardieDeck lets you choose the colour of your deck from a paint shop colour chart or have a custom colour mixed from something which has inspired you.

Coat HardieDeck within 60 Days or within 7 Days for Coastal Areas or around Pools.

HardieDeck™ needs to be coated with a trafficable paving sealer or paving paint within 60 days of installation or within 7 Days for Coastal Areas or around Pools. Paving sealers and paints are durable and are used on verandas, paths and driveways. Coating is performed after the boards and base jointers have been laid and before the snap-in strips and edge caps are fitted.

How To Paint HardieDeck.

The easiest way to paint or coat HardieDeck is with a 230mm roller with a 12mm nap. Care needs to be taken to ensure paint coverage on the bevelled edges of the boards.

Paint one board at a time to ensure sufficient coverage.

For a smoother finish you can use a roller with a shorter nap, but you may have to brush the bevelled edges before rolling (Make sure you roll before the brushed paint dries).

Wash the surface of the deck to remove all dirt and debris. Allow a minimum of 24 hours to dry completely. Tip: Choose a period of good weather with rain not expected for at least 72 hours after painting. 

Allow Time For The Paint To Harden.

Most paints can be walked on within 2 hours, but still require 7 days to fully cure and reach the expected durability. Drying times can usually be found on the paint tin or on the paint manufacturer's website.

After the coating dries fit the Snap-In Top Strip. You can tap it down using a 10mm packer and hammer or rubber mallet. Or use an off-cut of the Snap-In Top Strip turned upside-down.

Fix edge capping at 450mm centres around perimeter of the deck.

Coating Specifications and Recommendations

Several coating suppliers have confirmed compatibility and long-term performance with HardieDeck™

Product Recommendation and Specification Downloads