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How To Timber Stain HardieDeck

HardieDeck is often used to replace weathered and damaged timber decks. If you want to use the durability of the cement composite decking but still keep the timber look you can stain HardieDeck to look like timber with Intergrain Natrual Stain.



Intergrain NaturalStain is a high performance, semi-transparent, water based stain designed to transform the colour of exterior decking. NaturalStain delivers a wide range of timber colour options to cater for individual designs or to give cement sheet the appearance of a timber species. NaturalStain is extremely durable and withstands wear on decking without the need for a top-coat.

Two coats can be applied with a pad, paint brush or spray gun taking care to get sufficient paint on the chamfered board edges and ends.

Apply a third coat for areas with extreme sun exposure, around pools and in humid areas.

Avoid working on large area. Work on small areas one at a time. Apply the stain to no more than 3 boards at a time completing the entire length of each board. In hot conditions, for the best possible finish, use the Integrain hot weather additive.

For general slip resistance or around pools and on stairs 5% Intergrain Ultra Grip can be added.

You’ll need approximately one litre to cover 6 square meters with a single coat. Then allow 2 hours drying time between coats.While it can be walked on after 24 hours you should allow 7 days for the the coating to fully harden before adding furniture and allowing traffic across it.

For full details on how to use and apply Integrain NaturalStain read the recommendation document below.