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Composite Deck Corner Designs And Layouts

HardieDeck™ is a new product and we're beginning to see some creative corner designs and layouts being built.

Here are some suggestions for deck corner design and layout.

Above. This is an unconventional 45 degree mitred deck corner. It's a little unusual due to the board separating the HardieDeck boards and jointers running in each direction.

Above. This drawing, from the HardieDeck installation guide, shows a traditional mitred HardieDeck corner.

Above: This is a wid shot of the top image. The non-conventional mitred corner looks great and it's finished off nicely with the HardieDeck Fascia Edge Cap accessory.

Above: This deck, which is still under construction, is a nice example of a staggered 45 degree corner joint. Note that the deck is yet to be painted and the snap-in top strips haven't been installed yet. The installation guide, available for download here, says face fixing is required at the corner of the board ends.

Above. This parallel corner joint is probably the easiest way to execute a corner. All the boards are kept running in the same direction.

Above. This is a square corner. A pretty simple design. The tricky part is that the board ends don't have grooves for the standard Double Winged Base Jointer. So a Single Winged Base Jointer would be used for these sections (Or a wing can be trimmed off a the standard Double Winged Base Jointer).

Above. An extreme close-up of the Single Winged Base Jointer with the Snap-In Top Strip. Note that the top of the board end (left) would have to be arrised with 120 grit sandpaper to match the arris on the long edge of the boards.

Before commencing a HardieDeck build please read the installation manual available for download on the right hand side of the HardieDeck product details page.