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How To Clear Seal HardieDeck

A clear sealed HardieDeck™ system can be both attractive and durable and there are some basic considerations that will help deliver you the best outcome:

The natural finish of HardieDeck™ boards contains colour and texture variation. Some people think the inconsistency adds character to the aesthetic. Others prefer more uniformity. Either way, the homeowner should inspect the boards and decide whether a natural finish will meet their expectations.

Boards may come slightly stained or scuffed due to the manufacturing process. Cleaning can eliminate scuffs and reduce or soften stains, but won’t entirely eliminate them.

Similarly, care should be taken to avoid scuffing and staining the boards during the construction process. We suggest you limit boot marks, pencil marks and keep boards away from wet paint.

Penetrating sealers are ideal and should be applied to the deck as soon as practically possible to adequately protect the deck. Seal according to the sealer manufacturer’s recommendation and avoid using glossy, lacquer type coatings.

A variety of sealing systems have been tested with HardieDeck™. Before selecting a clear sealer option, ensure it is suitable for your application and contact the coating manufacturer for further information if necessary.

1. Wash down 

Remove superficial dirt and stains by washing the deck with a stiff broom and soapy water.

2. High pressure wash

A pressure washer may be used to give the surface a more intense clean. To avoid damaging the surface, don’t hold the nozzle too close to the boards and use washers with pressures less than 1600psi.

3. Spot sanding

Allow the surface to dry and spot sand any remaining stubborn or deep marks. Use a sanding block with 120 grit sandpaper to lightly sand affected areas, then dry sweep the deck to remove any sanding dust.

4. Drying

Allow the deck to dry thoroughly before applying a sealer.

5. Coating

Follow the sealer manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure that the correct number of coats and coating rates are followed.

Clear coating systems may require more frequent resealing and cleaning procedures compared to paving paints. Ensure to follow the sealer manufacturer’s recommendations. For information on clear sealers and guidelines for the HardieDeck™ system call 13 83 53 or lodge an online enquiry here.