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Taking Care of your HardieDeck™

To minimise wear and tear, and keep your deck looking good for years to come, follow these simple recommendations:


Ensure your HardieDeck™ system is coated within 60 days with an exterior trafficable paint system in accordance with paint manufacturer instructions. In general, best results are achieved with water-based paving paints with optional slip resistance additives.

Follow the application instructions from the paint or sealer manufacturer. You must ensure that the selected coating system is tested, compatible and warranted for use with the HardieDeck™ system. The following coating systems have been tested with HardieDeck™ boards:

  • White Knight Ultra Pave Quick Dry
  • Crommelin DiamondCoat Tintable Sealer
  • Haymes Quickpave Paving Paint

If using alternative brands, contact the manufacturer to ensure that the product is compatible with the HardieDeck™ system and is suitable for the intended application.
Clear sealing options are also available. Please refer to the HardieDeck™ system Clear Seal page for more details.

When re-coating:

  • The deck surface must be cleaned in accordance to the paint manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Apply masking tape over the snap-in cover strips. As coatings may not be compatible with the powder coating on the aluminium strips, it is not recommended they be painted over.
  • Alternately, the snap-in cover strips can be removed and replaced with new cover strips after re-painting. The snap-in cover strips may be purchased separately.


Cleaning will maintain the beauty of your HardieDeck™ system. The deck should be washed with a broom and warm soapy water regularly. The frequency of cleaning is dependent on the geographical location and exposure of the surface. As a guideline:

  1. at least every 6-12 months in rural or normal urban environments;
  2. at least every 1-3 months in areas subject to high pollution such as coastal environments and swimming pool surrounds;
  3. at least once a month in particularly harsh environments such as beachfronts, severe marine environments or areas of high industrial pollution; or
  4. as recommended by the manufacturer of the coating system. Apply these recommendations if frequency is higher than that set out above.

Any damaged HardieDeck™ system components must be fixed immediately.
NOTE: In particularly dirty environments dry sweep regularly to avoid scratching from dirt and debris.


We recommend protective mats or furniture pads are used to protect against contact from sources such as furniture legs, BBQ’s or planter stands. Minimise dragging furniture & heavy objects along the deck. Consider adding rubber stops to furniture legs, as you would do to reduce the likelihood of scratching a wooden deck.

Some coating systems may require re-coating and cleaning procedures. Ensure to always follow the coating manufacturer’s recommendations. For information on care for your HardieDeck™ system call 13 83 53 or lodge an online enquiry here.