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HardieDeck Size and Price Estimate Calculator

This calculator will help you with an estimated "materials only" price for the HardieDeck system (excluding the deck frame, bearers and joists). Then it will build you a list containing your deck size, perimeter length and edge option for you to email yourself. Then you can take it to your HardieDeck retailer for a more detailed quote that’s accurate for your location.

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If the shape of your deck is more complicated than a simple box shape break it down into boxes by adding additional sections. See an example.

Total Deck Size

Your HardieDeck Estimate is

To ensure you are ordering the right quantities we recommend you take this estimate, your deck dimensions and a few photographs of where your deck will be installed to your nearest HardieDeck stockist. The team there will be able to help you complete the purchase of your new deck which resists damage from rotting, warping and splintering.

Need edging?


Measure the perimeter to determine the length of edge capping required. Edge caps are used on the sides of the deck which are not butting against a building. See an example. They secure the perimeter boards in place and keep the fixings hidden. If you decide to not to use an edge cap, the edge boards will require face fixing.


Note this is not a calculation, just a record for your print out.

Pick an edge type:

  • Slimline Edge Cap

  • Fascia Edge Cap

  • HardieDeck™ Edging Board


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